Buses & Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety

We are very concerned about the danger to children from cars passing the school. Unfortunately the greatest danger is often from parents picking up and dropping off their children. Please observe the following:

  1. The speed limit past the school is 25kph ANYTIME there are children present on the footpaths
  2. Please note the position of the SCHOOL sign in Park Terrace and Moore Street. The school zone, where the limit applies, consists of the whole distance between the signs and the white zigzag lines
  3. Pick up and deliver your children in MOORE Street, away from the main bus traffic area (see map)
  4. The dirt track off Park Terrace has been remodelled to allow a low number of cars to park for a short term and has a dedicated “Kiss and Drop” area for parents flowing through to pick up or drop off children. Please observe the entrance/exit signs.
  5. Please DO NOT use the STAFF CARPARK to drop off and pick up UNLESS there are exceptional circumstances – e.g. medical /illness/emergency etc.
  6. We encourage you and your children to use pedestrian pathways and gates
  7. Traffic is usually particularly heavy between 8:30am & 9:00am and again 3:25 to 3:45pm
  8. Your child needs to know the road rules

Bike racks are provided for students who ride bikes to school. Class teachers decide where scooters and skateboards are kept during school hours.

School Buses

DECD schools in the Naracoorte area are serviced by school buses. All students are entitled to free travel to their school if:

  • this school is serviced by that particular bus
  • they live more than 5 km from that school

The designated “school of right” for primary aged students on the Wrattonbully, Elderslie Road, Moyhall Road and Hynam buses is Naracoorte South Primary School.

The designated “school of right” for primary aged students on the Stewarts Range, Padthaway, Tresant, Frances, Lochaber, Cadgee, buses is Naracoorte Primary School.

In extra-ordinary situations (such as an over-full bus, or, Families SA involvement) in which DECD provides the service, the designated school of right is determined by DECD.

Where parents opt to pass a school of right, parents must organise/provide transport for their children to their chosen school.

To cater for students who live in the northern area of Naracoorte within 5 kilometres of Naracoorte Primary and Naracoorte

High Schools a user-pays Town Bus Service has been operating which delivers students to all three Government sites.

Pre-school children are not eligible travellers but will usually be carried if there is room available and they can be adequately supervised. This also applies to students of Sunrise Christian School. If student numbers increase beyond the capacity of a particular bus ineligible students will no longer be carried.

Regular reviews of school bus services are carried out and changes to bus size and route occur. The Transport Section in DECD determines these changes in consultation with the Naracoorte Combined Schools Bus Committee.

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