Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Although schools will be student free in Week 11 we are still open next week (Monday excluded).

With our absence rate quite high we have decided that for continuity of learning we will send home work today for students to do if they are absent from school in Week 10.

Obviously this does not replace the rich learning activities a student receives from being taught by their teacher.

This work may come home as a hard copy or on one of the apps that classes use. If you cannot access this online and your child is not at school you will be able to get this work from the Front Office.

If your child is absent from school in Week 10, we would hope they are keeping up with their reading.

Please take the opportunity to visit the department’s website “OurLearningSA” which has great resources and ideas in all the areas of study.

During Week 11 the staff of the school will be directed by DfE to prepare for what Term 2 brings in the delivery of the curriculum to our students.

Thank you for your ongoing support in this unusual time and we will continue to keep you informed of new advice as it becomes available.

David Adams
Naracoorte Primary School Principal