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Starting school, Attendance, School Hours, Fees

Starting School Checklist

Things to do before your child starts school

  • Enrol at the Admin office
  • Ensure that immunisations are up to date
  • Complete the emergency and contact persons file
  • Make sure all necessary forms are signed and returned to the Admin office (if you are unsure of what forms you need, please approach the Admin staff at the front office)
  • Check ambulance cover and insurances
  • Ensure that you child knows the procedures of coming to and going from school – pick up and drop off points, bus runs etc.
  • Remember that Bank Day is Tuesday
  • Supply a named ART shirt and LIBRARY bag
  • Meet your child’s teacher, Principal and Deputy
  • Familiarise yourself with the school areas
  • Visit the Dental Clinic for a contact appointment
  • Make arrangement for payment of Materials and Service charges (school fees)
  • Contact Admin regarding any medical concerns
  • Organise School Card if applicable
  • Be aware of the Transition programs between Kindy and Reception and Year 7 to High School
  • On the first day of term Parents and Friends are invited to get together in the staff-room after the bell rings for coffee and a chat.
  • Purchase School Dress Code items – these are available from SPORTSPOWER.
  • CLEARLY name all clothing and personal items
  • Name all stationery and cover & label books

Ensure that your child is positive, optimistic and looking forward to their first day.

School Hours

The school day begins-

Music 8.55am
First Bell 9.00am
Recess 10.50am – 11.20am
Lunch eating (supervised eating time) 1.00pm – 1.10pm
Lunch play 1.10pm – 1.45pm
Dismiss 3.25pm
Buses leave 3.30pm to 3.45pm

The school grounds are open to students AFTER 8:30am. Students should not be on the grounds before this time, as the grounds are not supervised until after 8:30am.

The students are also supervised in the yard at recess, lunch and after school until 3:45pm OR until the last bus leaves.


Special Dismissal Times

Thursday before EASTER 2.25pm
Last day of each Term 2.25pm

Please notify the teacher if your child needs to leave the school OR attend the Dental Clinic.

Students who miss the bus at the end of the day report to the Office and parents are notified.

Child’s Daily Requirements

  • Named school bag
  • Packed lunch and drink bottle OR lunch order for Canteen – lunch bags can be purchased from the Canteen.
  • A healthy snack for Crunch and Sip break and recess
  • Named navy blue windcheater &/or coat
  • Named broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire hat

Nut Allergy

An increasing number of our students are presenting with allergies to nuts ranging from mild to very severe reactions.

To assist us in keeping these children safe it would be appreciated if you could avoid sending nuts and nut bars to school as snacks and not use spreads such as peanut paste on their sandwiches.

Beginning School


Teach your child to be safe; make sure your child knows his/her surname and address.

Ensure your child knows how he/she will be travelling to and from school each day, and drop off and pick up points.

Select a safe place to drop off and pick up your child. MOORE Street can be used as a pick-up area (across the oval). DO NOT USE THE STAFF CAR PARK. This is very important, as the staff car park is a thoroughfare for trucks and vans delivering to the school, canteen and dental clinic.


Ensure that your child is well rested – 10 to 12 hours sleep a day is recommended for 5 & 6 year olds.

New Reception children, unused to attending school 5 days a week may need a rest day – we suggest WEDNESDAY.

Attendance Requirements

Children are under compulsion to attend school from 6 years of age. However, regardless of age, once a child is enrolled at school, they are legally required to attend.

Parents/caregivers are responsible for getting their children to and from school.

Children should arrive at school between 8:30 and 8:55am. Children are not to be on the school grounds before 8:30am.

Children should attend school on every day when instruction is offered unless the school receives a valid reason for being absent.

It is a legal requirement that parents provide an explanation for all student absences. This may be in the form of a letter, phone call or personal contact with teachers.

Parents/caregivers must let the school know prior to an extended absence (periods greater than 2 days) and apply to the Principal for an exemption. The Principal can give approval for up to 12 months.

If the teacher needs to arrange work at home for the student the teacher needs to be given adequate prior notice (no less than 24 hours).

If your child is away and the school has not been contacted we have a legal responsibility to follow this up on the 3rd day. This follow- up may take the form of a phone call, letter or school bag app.

When a student is late for school (at or after 9:10am), it is a requirement that the student signs in at the front office and the parent/caregiver explains the reason for lateness.


Signing In & Out

Sign in and out books for both students and visitors are located at the Admin Office window, in the courtyard. Please ensure that your child signs in and out if arriving or leaving the school grounds during school hours. Using this system helps us to keep your children safe.
The visitor book needs to be signed by anyone visiting OR volunteering within our school. The JP Unit keep their own sign-in book.

School Fees


A fee is payable each year. Parents may pay by instalments if necessary.
Parents who find the cost of camps and excursions difficult to meet are invited to contact the Principal or Finance Officer for a confidential discussion.


Government Assistance towards your child’s Material and Services charges (School Fees) is available to families whose combined gross income does not exceed the limits as set annually by DECD. Further information and application forms are available from the Finance Office of the school.

Separate application forms are also available to families who are suffering financial hardship, but whose income exceeds the school card limits.

Term 1 Information Night

Early in Term 1 an information night is held where parents, caregivers and students are invited to meet staff and hear about how the class or team operates.

This is not a 1:1 interview where specific information about students is shared, but rather a simple introduction to the year and program, and a chance to meet the teachers.

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