Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Communication between students and people outside of the school is possible using a variety of methods. Our aim is to ensure that communications are legitimate, appropriate and do not interrupt the good order of the school.

Although we recognise that some students require mobile phones after school hours for safety and communication reasons, we do encourage students to leave mobile phones at home, unless absolutely necessary.

If your child needs a mobile phone at school he/she is asked to keep it in his/her bag and turned off at all times. Each student will be responsible for his/her phone, its use, abuse, loss or damage.

Mobile phones are not to be used during school times. This includes school camps and excursions. All student calls during school hours are to be made via the front office or when on camps and excursions, the school mobile phone.

Calls from families or carers to children can be made to the front office or school mobile phone and messages will be passed on.

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