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Resource Centre

The Teacher/Librarian works collaboratively with class teachers to facilitate information literacy skills programs and to expose students to a range of resources. Students and their families are welcome to use the Resource Centre. Students are asked to use a book bag when borrowing books. Books are borrowed on a three-week limit and books may be reserved. We have an excellent Parent Library section; ask the librarian for your own borrowing barcode to access this.

Library times:

  • Before school
  • 1.10 – 1.45 (lunch time)
  • After school until 3:45
  • Class lesson time


Students may order their lunches. Lunch bags can be purchased from the Canteen, 20c for 5.

Daily orders (including payment) are to be placed in the class lunch basket each morning and taken to the Canteen by class monitors.

Lunches are then collected by the monitors at the start of lunchtime.

The Canteen is open for sales each recess and lunch. Ice cream and Ice Confectioneries are only available at lunch.

The canteen is encouraging children to choose AMBER or GREEN foods from the canteen price list, as these are a healthier alternative. RED foods are occasional foods.



The general consent form covers your child being photographed as part of normal school activities. Photos may be used for the school newsletter, website, Facebook page and magazine.

Class, individual and family photos are taken in Term 4 by a professional photographer. Information is sent home in the weeks prior.

Parents taking photos or videos of their children at school events where other children are evident in the scene, please do not post these on the Internet.


School Banking

Bank day is every TUESDAY – Please send money and bank books to the classroom teacher ready for collection. We offer Bank SA and Commonwealth facilities. Application forms should be enclosed with this package.

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