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Play is the Way

The aim of the program is to develop student’s self-management; encouraging children to make decisions based on “what is right”, exercising moral and ethical judgement in their day-to-day actions.
All staff are to be trained in the Play is the way program.
We set plan as to what we teach and when.




    • Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
    • Be brave – participate to progress.
    • It takes great strength to be sensible.
    • Pursue your personal best, no matter who you work with.
    • Have reasons for the things you say and do.

    Lunchtime Activities

    Teachers highlight the importance of students having a range of activities to do at break times. Teachers are each donating 3 sessions to running an activity for students. The type of activity, how long it runs and which students are invited, is left to the teachers’ discretion.

    House Captains will also provide games and sporting activities for students throughout the year, including using the Play at Lunchtime program (PAL). The deputy principal will coordinate the House Captains.

    House Points

    While we acknowledge that we are aiming for students to self-manage, we also run a competition between the House Teams where staff award points for great work, being helpful, being a great role model and so on.

    House Captains collect these points and a winner is announced each week in the blurb.

    The House Flag of the winning team is displayed in the courtyard for the week.

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