Rights & Responsibilities

At Naracoorte Primary School

All students have a right to learn.

All teachers have a right to teach.

We will RESPECT each other and each other’s property.

We will take RESPONSIBILITY for our own behaviour and environment.

We will play and work SAFELY.

    To help us do this we will:

    1. Walk on the cement and around corners.
    2. Play ball games on the oval, asphalt and tennis court areas, not in the bag areas or around the buildings.
    3. Wear appropriate hats outside in Terms 1 and 4. If we don’t have a hat we will play under the big tree by the tennis courts.
    4. Wear shoes at all times.
    5. Use appropriate language for school.
    6. Not throw gum nuts, stones and sticks.
    7. Put all rubbish into bins and leave the bins in their allocated places.
    8. Eat food in allocated areas at recess and lunch.
    9. Only be in the classrooms when a staff member is there.
    10. Only go to someone else’s bag or book tray if you have his/her permission.
    11. Bring sports equipment back to the classroom at the end of a break, and report when it is lost, on the roof or damaged, and return others’ sports equipment to their class when we find it.
    12. Leave flowers in the gardens and the buds on the trees.
    13. Not climb trees.
    14. Not bring dangerous objects, glass containers, toy weapons and chewing gum to school.
    15. Be responsible for any money and/or valuable items that we bring to school.
    16. Be friendly and positive in our manner and attitude.
    17. Not go into out of bounds areas during break times.

    Naracoorte Primary School

    Learning for Life