School Uniform

Uniform / Dress Code Information

School Uniform

NPS students are required to wear the school’s dress code. Exemptions must be sought from the Principal and can only be considered on the grounds of culture, itinerancy, religion, financial hardship, genuine medical issues or if your child is a new student to the school (in the latter case, a timeline to obtain a uniform will be negotiated).

In the case of financial hardship, the school is supported by the Stand Like Stone foundation, which contributes vouchers toward purchasing uniform items. The school also has a range of second-hand items requiring a simple gold-coin donation. If you are having difficulty sourcing uniform items, please contact the school to discuss your needs. The principal, school counsellor and front office staff are all able to follow-up your needs.

The school colours are navy-blue and white. NPS school-wear is available from SPORTSPOWER Naracoorte.

The Basics

  • Navy-blue NPS polo shirt
  • Navy-blue shorts
  • Navy-blue broad-brimmed or bucket hat (Terms 1 & 4)
  • Navy-blue tracksuit pants or long pants
  • Navy-blue polar-fleece jumper

Other Options

  • Navy-blue rugby jumper with white collar
  • Navy-blue jacket
  • Year 7 Jumper
  • White skivvy or long-sleeved polo
  • Navy-blue tunic dress
  • Navy and white checked dress


Shoe-choice should take into account daily fitness lessons and safety during other practical subjects like Science and Technology.

We generally recommend a sport shoe.

Sun Smart School

As this is a Sun Smart School, children at Naracoorte Primary School are required to wear a shady hat when outside during school hours in terms one and four of each school year. As each class program involves outdoor activities, it is expected that all students will have a hat at school during Terms 1 & 4. We also recommend students keep their hats at school during September (late in Term 3) for days with UV ratings of 3 or more.

The style of hat can be;

  • broad brimmed hat,
  • legionnaire style hat
  • or bucket hat with a suitable width brim

When choosing a hat, remember:

  • a hat should shade the face, head, ears and neck
  • a broad brimmed style hat should have a brim of at least 7.5 cm
  • legionnaire style hats should have a flap that covers the neck and overlaps at the sides of the front peak
  • a bucket style hat should have a deep crown, angled brim of at least 6 cm and sit low on the head

   Legionnaire Style Hat

   Bucket Hat

  Broad Brimmed Hat

Students are also required to wear hats on school excursions or camps during Terms 1 and 4. Failure to bring a hat for these special occasions may result in the student being unable to attend.

Students will be given three days at the beginning of Terms 1 and 4 to organise the purchase of a hat. Students who have been requested to wear a hat whilst in the yard, and repeatedly require these instructions, will be dealt with as “repeated failure to follow instructions” and will be actioned via the school behaviour policy.

Students without hats in the yard during Terms 1 and 4 will be required to play in specific shaded areas or use the indoor options during break times. They may also miss out on sporting activities.

Other Clothing Considerations

On special days during Terms 1 and 4, such as casual clothing days and Sports Day, students are expected to choose Sunsmart tops; this excludes the use of tank tops and singlets. Any student arriving in clothing that does not meet Sunsmart requirements will be required to call parents and ask them to bring in a suitable replacement.

We encourage the use of Sunsmart swimming tops and “rashies” during aquatics activities. Students will also be asked to apply sunscreen when attending swimming lessons.


The use of wrap-around sunglasses with an EPF rating of 10 is recommended by the Cancer Council for outdoor activities during Terms 1 and 4.

Lost Property

The cupboard is located in the courtyard, near the canteen. Please check this if needed. If clothing is named it will be returned.

Please be aware that biro washes off labels. A good quality permanent marker tends to last longer. Some companies can print clothing labels to be sewn into items like jumpers, polo shirts and hats.

If your child brings home another child’s clothing, please ensure this is returned to the school promptly.

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