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Dental, Weather Policy, Suncare, OSHC, Medical

Hot Weather Policy

DECD Policy regarding HOT WEATHER states –

  • School cannot be closed for the day
  • School may not close earlier than 1 hour before the normal time
  • In the event of early closure, schools that share buses must agree
  • Parents must be informed in advance

Our school does not have a take-home policy, as all buildings are air-conditioned.

Sun Safety

Students are required to wear a broad brimmed or bucket style hat outdoors during school hours. This is enforced in Terms 1 and 4.

Students not wearing an appropriate hat during the sun safety months use a designated shade area. Sunscreen lotion is available for student use. PLEASE NOTE that baseball style hats are NOT considered sunsafe and will not be accepted.

It is preferred that hats be plain navy blue and free of logos or advertising.

Read our SunSmart policy here.

Wet Weather Policy

If the weather is inappropriate for outdoor activities, students are supervised indoors.
Inclement weather may also affect after-school sporting opportunities. If the school is notified of cancellations to after-school sport, we will inform students and give them the opportunity to call their parents.

Dental Care

The Dental Clinic (on site) provides a service to our students through regular check-ups. It is located next to the main building and can be contacted on 87622614.


Out of School Hours Care (O.S.H.C)

This is conveniently located within the school grounds and is run by Sherpa Kids. Students aged from 5-12 Yrs. may go straight from school to be supervised from 3:25 to 6:00pm.

This service is also available during school holidays and on school closure days. For bookings and information please contact 0419 105 050 between 3pm and 6pm.

Bushfire & Fire Policy

Fire can threaten the school and its students in 3 different ways:-

  1. A fire in the building, necessitating the evacuation of the building
  2. A fire in the immediate locality – threatening the school
  3. A bushfire in or near areas served by the school buses

There are 3 levels of alert:

  • LEVEL ONE – a day of extreme fire danger in our district
  • LEVEL TWO – A fire is approaching our school locality OR bus routes
  • LEVEL THREE – A fire is threatening our school OR bus routes

Please refer to the Catastrophic Fire Ban information for actions that take place if a day of Catastrophic Fire Ban is declared the night before in our district.

If a Catastrophic Day is declared in the morning, the school will remain open and transport services will run as usual.

FIRE DRILLS are regularly conducted & assessed throughout the school year.

In the event of fires threatening a bus OR bus routes – any affected buses WILL NOT be permitted to leave the school until it is declared safe by the CFS.

Children will be kept at school and cared for by staff, volunteers and welfare services for as long as is necessary.

Children will be released only to their parents OR to other persons authorised, in writing, by the parents.

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